Iron Hills Farms

Philosophy and




The Kesslari Tribe is a group of unique and diverse individuals - with many varied interests and experiences. From this page you can find information on many of those interests - at least those we have had time to share in the form of web pages!


Middle Eastern Music and Rhythm

This is the home to information on The Doumbek Video, other products, the band Farabi, Shefa, odd meter rythms and more. Jonathan will be your host here.


Iron Hills Farms

This is the home to our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Beth will host you through this section of the site.


Other Pets

Dogs mostly. Here we have links to those animal friends who have played such an important part of our lives. We also have links to other animal related sites that have served us well.


Philosophy and Creativity

This part of the site includes some of our poems, our thoughts, our favorite authors and poets. This part of the site really integrates the personal side of all of us as a family and is thus not hosted by any particular individual. Instead, enjoy learning a bit about all of us.



This part of the site is new and will be growing as both Beth and Jonathan are fascinated by the current theory in leadership. At the moment, there are mostly links to interesting sites but this will grow as our thoughts form and become words and sentences. Beth will be your host through this part of the site but Jonathan will let us know of other cool new links and books and ideas as time goes on.


links to photos and other interesting information


Our new Fitness and personal training business

Beth has become a certified Crossfit trainer as well as a USAW Club Coach and the family is now running a gym in Boulder Creek. We call it - Crossfit Boulder Creek!